Happy Holidays to all !!!

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Happy Holidays.....Merry Christmas to everyone here on PWN and also the pressure washing industry in general.

God Bless this GREAT LAND of ours!
Very cool John. Didn't know you and your wife were in the Ramones. :)

Regardless, have a rocking Holidays and the best New Years ever !
Yup me and Joey Ramone(RIP) are forever brothers from the CBGB days[whatup] Actually I never met them in peson but I loved the Ramones and seen them a few times in the 70's and 80's from NY city(The Ritz) to VA when I was in the Military. There's a reason why Bono from U2(Also played at the Ritz when they first came to America) says his band was heavely influenced by the Ramones which I get. Little info about the Ramones--Nobody had that last name...until they got into the band:)


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Merry Christmas

Wishing all of our friends at the PWN a Very Merry Christmas

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Happy Holidays Mark and everyone! Fix'in to get ready to eat some bird and all the fix'in's...mmmm...is it proper english to say "fix'in" in the same sentence? :)

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It is in the south.
I recken so....Bettye said it was okay to say that...she is from Louisiana. She did say however it is not proper english to say 'fix'in in the context of ordering a specialty coffee. An example would be, "I am fix'in to have a grande lattee with an extra shot of soy milk". Also she said the word "omelet" has 2 meanings in the South.

1. Something your order for breakfast
2. Something you say to someone, such as "Omelet you slide this time" :)....just saying!

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