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What do you have for lunch on a day of work???
For us:
usually a sandwich[pb&j}/chips/drink
Just wondering what you gourmets are like


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MExican food, and not Taco bell
I prefer a place called Filiberto's common here and in San Diego.

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Usually some kind of Fast Food!! McD's, Arbys, Steak n Shake, Burger King, Wendys.

I buy all meals for my crews. We also have pop, donuts, and Gadorade on our trucks for the guys.

Dave Olson

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Hey Dave, are you hiring??????

Just kidding. Thats a great way to keep your employees happy. A happy employee will make you more money than one that is unhappy.

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Even though my cholestorol is only 139, I refrain from eating out for lunch every day but Friday. I usually just pack a sandwich/drink but on Fridays I go to this awesome local deli and get an Italian hoagie (sub, zep, whatever you call it in your part of the country).

Dave, I like the idea that you buy your guys food.......when you interview for an open position, do you take them out to lunch to make sure they don't eat too much??

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA

Georgia & George Smith

We are like Dave and buy our guys lunch and if we are out of state we buy all meals and pay for the room.We eat biscuits for breakfast, fast food for lunch,and Ryans or something comparable for supper,and snacks and drinks are furnished except for their alcohol if they so choose to do so after work.
We try to have a varitity where ever we eat but sometimes it is pb&j and chips and soda also.

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We eat whatever is convenient to where we are washing. Sometimes its a burger, sometimes its "vending food". I had those new KFC Twisters about 4 times last week because they are good and for $1.99 you get a drink with it also in my area. We throw sandwiches in the cooler if in a remote area. Sometimes I choke it down while working. ***If you are "good", you can eat a burger in one hand while washing with the other(amateurs should not try this).

John May

David Saulque

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IN N Out Burgers - simple just order #1 you get a Double Double-Fries and a Soda. Another great reason to move to California.




<FONT face="Comic Sans MS">Well I quite often dont eat at all, all day long until I get home and have dinner, the rare times I do eat its got to be fast . NO taco bell for me though, I save that for times when I have a few days off to let my system clear out..lol.Nothin worse than being on a roof andyou gotta make that run to the head.
A nice roast beef sub and sprite are good for me .Then at the end of a hard day an ice cold
Icehouse is nice </FONT f>



Most days I don't eat breakfast or lunch.
<FONT size="10">NO TIME TO EAT !</FONT s>

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