Help Send Danielle to Africa


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My daughter Danielle is planning a Mission Trip to Africa in January.
If you would like to help Danielle go on this mission trip you can donate here:

Hi I'm Danielle McIntyre and I have to opportunity to go to South Africa for a Missions trip. During this trip I will be serving Zulu people. I am currently a student at CSU Sacramento and I will be pursuing an EDS in School Psychology Fall 2016. I have a passion for working with children and I am part of a research team who is implementing Social and Emotional Learning Programs at local Sacramento Schools. A large part of my inspiration to go on this mission is from my older sister who passed away four years ago. As a child, my sister always wanted to be a missionary. When my sister passed away it really made me think about life in a new way, I wanted to be more involved in changing the world and living for the next life. The money collected from this fundraising will allow me to participate in this amazing opportunity of going on a mission to South Afric

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