High Priced Sales Tip: Ryan Cash and RoofTec Systems

Ryan Cash

Very few people like sales, even fewer like sales of high ticket items.

How do you act when you give a customer a quote? Are you worried your price is too high for them? Are you nervous about what your answer will be to any objections they give? How will you close the sale? Do you lower the price if they push back on it?

Here is the single most important lesson I’ve learned in sales over the years: Don’t project your thoughts on a customer. Give them the quote and stop talking!

Tell a customer what you’re going to do, why it needs to be done, and tell them the exact results that they should expect. It bears repeating:
Give them a price and stop talking!
A lot of times, we will try to justify our high price during a quote before the customer has even raised any objections!

If you give the impression that they should think the price is high, they’re going to think it’s high and push back.

Give a price like it’s THE price.
Not a high price or low price.

Your price is THE price if they want it done.

Let them create their own objections if they have them. No need to do that for them!

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