Hmmmmmmm~~~Remember us?

Sorry guys and has been ages since we last visited. Yes, we are still alive and washin. Season is coming to an end for us, as a matter of fact our last job before winter is this Saturday.
Then, it is winterized and put up! We had a real busy season cleaning houses and decks. We now finally own everything so profit seems to be worth it all ;)
Hope everyone is doing well and look forward to being on here more often. Welcome to all the new faces~~~ I think I was one of the first 5 to join this merry band of washin fools!



Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
Hi Dennis,thought ya'll had gone life has changed huh.Welcome back,are you ready to enjoy the winter time cabin fever out burst,best time in the world to be on the board:D :D
Both Gloria and I have full time jobs and do the pressure washing "on the side". is busy busy busy...looking forward to having some free time from the second job and doin some playin~~~
HA HA HA.....nice to be remembered for something....{i guess} :)
We have not been back to the nudest colony this year....wonder why they didn't ask us back. Could have been the silly grin we had on our face all day.
Yep, we never change....we age and age but stay our youthful selves. You only wish you could be so lucky...... :)
Man....gonna be in the 20's here tomorrow morning and we got a job to do first thing. I hate wearing my WINTER work gear. Yep, love the cold water dripping down my sleve when you can see your breath!
Keep warm guys!



just did a search for nudist and and somebody had beat me to it, i read your post about washing at the church and had to laugh i can see your humor has been missed and look foreward to your posts.

cheers paul.

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