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Looks like "Wiz" is unavailable right now, let me try to address your concerns.

I would not be concerned about sodium hydroxide based strippers and oxalic acid running though the pressure washer hose, ( I do not feel this will harm your hose)** I would however run these products through a downstream injector and not through your pump.

It is wise to flush injector with water after use.

Hope this helps![hand]

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** Most of the inner tubes of HP Washer hose are made of a synthetic rubber material that would not be harmed by these chemicals.
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Larry L.

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Andy I agree with Mark,the hoses have a liner inside made to stand up to chemicals.The worse thing you can do to a hose is running to hot of water though it or more then its rated for.

Also agree with flushing the downstreamer,the downtream injectors will last along time if you take care of them.
Andy, The hose seems to holds up very well with strong chemicals, but I flush very well because the fittings on the ends of the hose are affected by the chemicals. I wish you could order hose with stainless steel fittings. Let me know if someone has a source.

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