Hot water Mi-t-m PW 8.5gpm @3600psi for sale

Clean County

New Member
If your looking for an Mi-t-m Hot water 8.5gpm @ 3600psi machine I'm looking to sell it for aprox $4500-$5000. Its only a couple of years old. The person I bought it from said it only had around a 100hrs on it. We probably put around 400 hrs on it last year. The heat works fine as does the generator and the General Pump TSF2021 is new. I have the wheel assembly that cost an additional $500 the unit came with but it has to be reworked some. I'll bring it up to Toms RT for anyone interested.
Here's some pics of it last year in action. The reason I'm selling it is because I'm getting a custom made PW being built with the ability to heat 20gpm. I'm not pressed to sell this PW so once the season Gets in full swing I might take it off the table.

Anybody else interested hit me up on an or call me. My phone number is in my signature here


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