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We are looking to get into house washing and are looking for any advice from this board in getting the right equipment and chemicals for the jobs. I have done one for a friend a couple years back and my hot water hose burned his yard!

4.5 gpm machine at 4000 PSI hot water. I can carry 1000 gallons of Ro water on my truck.

Any tips and advice would be great.

This is one of the only services left that my competitor in town offers that I don't!

Any help on pirices would be nice too!!

We also want ot get into commercial buildings and concrete. Any Advice?

Thanks Everyone!
Rathjen Power Washing
Henry Rathjen
Hey Henry!!!

Pricing is usually a $1 a linear foot, per story. If you use heat on houses don't use more than 120 degrees. We use Power House and SH for house washing. If you have any more questions give me a call.
Henry... good for you about expanding into building washes and comerical concrete etc
Ive decided this year to do roof and building wash's..for me I'll be contacting a couple
of other companies out my area offering to pay 200-400 a day (hopefully I pick wisely)
and learn 1-2 days the basics....People sometimes post they will work for free( labor for learning) and sometimes other pressure washers will offer free help because they care about industry or they have a history of helping people in their everyday lives with anything
(not just pressure washing)......
My decision to pay is based on the fact ...I'm asking about their years of knowledge
and their secrets of success (chemical mixtures and applications etc )......

Its kind of going to school or college like everyone is but you see a need to hire a tutor
(for money) because you want to excell just not pass.....

the great thing about this site (hopefully) people here will give you great advice and a stratergy in some detail ....more than say..... look it up in a search

Hopefully with my (future) mentors permission( On roof and buildingcleanig )i will be able to help you for free...(in about 6-12 months)

finally if your carrying around 1000 ro (REVERSE OSMOSIS) you must have a lot
of information to share as well because you are a proffessional car/truck washer ?

thanks David

ps most house and roof cleaners are not using high pressure washers (and no hot hot water)
mostly low pressure cold/warm water( it also depends on building I'm guessing you could
use hot water if it were a concrete house (like a concrete bunker:)

( this information was directed towards first henry ) I was typing while 2nd Henry was posting (and clearly 2nd henry doesnt need advice on how to do things he is light years ahead of me and others )
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House Washing Business Tips

Provide a top of the line service, unmatched customer service, go above and beyond the call of duty on every house washing job, be honest, and charge as much as you can.

The biggest mistake you can do is to start selling on price. Build value, sell benefits, stand out from your competition, WOW the customer, and charge more than what is average in your area. There is a market for a better quality service in most areas, and people whom are willing to pay for it.

Good luck!
If you can find a guy in your area that will teach you the ropes that's great. Most companies will give you basic info but not much more. There are classes out there if your interested, visit learn to pressure, it's one of my sites and I try to list every decent source of pressure washing training I find there. There is a pressure washing training course coming up next month in Florida if your interested.
Price to powerwash a 55ft X 20ft mobile home?

The mobile home is approx 8-10 feet high and some small patio washing maybe 20X20

I understand 1$ per linear foot but I am coming up with a astronomical figure, any help would be appreciated. This job is in Santa Cruz, California


SR Powerwashing
There are classes out there if your interested, visit learn to pressure, it's one of my sites and I try to list every decent source of pressure washing training I find there.
Dang it, I almost missed that, so to make anyone else who's interested can find it, here's a shameless plug for Henry B.'s site: The Pressure Washing Training Resource ;)

I just learned something new from the explanation of "PSI vs. GPM vs. CU" in the sample of the Pressure Washing 101 manual. Now I gotta buy a copy so I can see what else I've been missing. :D

Just learned some new stuff about RO water, too. :cool:

Thanks, guys! And welcome aboard, Henry R.
chemical confusion

hey everyone this is steven the newbie..

i was just wondering where i could go to get the best biodegradable chemicals for all fields of power washing.

thank you all for any advice...

Steven Hodge
fontana, california

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