How do you remove gum from concrete?

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To remove gum with a cold water unit: Buy some freeze spray from a Radio Shack or Walmart. Spray the gum, then remove with you pressure washer. I use 25 degree tip. It is a little more work but it does work. If you are going to remove a lot of gum, then like everyone else is saying, hot water works best and fastest. To remove the shadow from gum I use the EATOILS BT200 degreaser and dothis:

I have found that the best approach for Gum Residue is to spray the residue with mineral spirits, brush with a stiff brush and then spray with BT200™ and water – 3:1(3 parts water to 1 part BT200™), brush again and leave.

Sometimes the residue is from a tougher compound that is harder to remove so use Goof offâ„¢ instead of mineral spirits.

If you are still left with a residue try some vinegar on the spot – cover it and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then brush with a tooth brush, spray with the BT200™ mixture and Power Wash the spot.
....and CHARGE accordingly!

Removing the gum tends to be the easy part. Getting the shadows out has always been the great mystery of our the journey continues!
Spray any remaining gum with WD-40. Allow the lubricant to soak into the gum and the surrounding concrete area. After two or three minutes, use the putty knife to lift off the leftover gum.


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