How much should I get paid to be a sub?


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Hi guys I'm in my first year of business and planned on staying with power washing vinyl houses and learn wood later. I was approached by an old friend that has been specializing in strip and seal of high end wood sided homes and decks. He doesn't want to do it any more and he said he will give me all his work. He bought into a franchise 10 years ago for $20k to have exclusive rights to the chemical he uses in our county. This chemical really works! I went on a job yesterday and we striped four layers of sealer off the front of a Tudor style home and it took four hours for $1600. I'm excited to expand into wood siding because nobody else really does it close to us. He's going to work out some numbers and talk to me next week. How much of a percentage would you guys expect to get from a job as a sub? Thanks


It depends how much of the work and responsibility you're taking on. If you're the contact for the customer, you're doing the work, and you're supplying the materials, I'd say you should be keeping at least 80%, because all he's doing is generating leads.
If he's the customer contact and he's supplying the materials, you might be looking at 30-40%, since he still has to carry warranties and overhead associated with the job.

Also, even if he's an old friend, make sure there is a subcontractor agreement in place between the two of you...that's how you stay old friends.

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