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If you want to have more success more often, you need pay attention to
what it is you are sending out to your marketplace.

Too many times do I hear "that does not work here", or "I've tried that
100 times and get no calls, it doesn't work".

You can't just create any ad and run it up the flagpole and expect
everyone to salute. You need to lure them into reading it... and that
my friends is no easy task.

We see an average of 3000 types of advertisements per day. This is
tv, radio, online, mailbox, vehicle signs, billboards, flyers, etc...

Nobody pays attention to 99% of those so you need to be smart
to get noticed.

Headline: Every ad needs a headline. A headline is not some
dorky tag-line or your company name... or even your service. If you
send out ads that say "Power Washing", you'll lose majority from the
jump. Let's take an headline known as a 'self interest headline' I created-
"A Home With Dirty Windows is Like a Nice Smile With Yellow Teeth"

What does that say to them? Within 3 seconds I assure you they are
visualizing it and then thinking about their 'yellow teeth' (windows).

What is the sole purpose of the headline? To get them to read the next
sentence! To start them reading the ad.

Images: Pictures on ads usually are horrible and too generic. Let's
take pressure washing. You have likely seen or did an ad that had a
picture of a house on it. NEVER use that! If you can't show the house
having the service done or a before and after- it's dead.

Why? A picture says a thousand words... you have 3 seconds to grab
and keep their interest. If they see a house they will quickly scan
and come up with what they think the ad is for. A house can be a
painter, roofer, landscaper, insurance agent, mortgage company, etc...

They will not read one word of the ad if the picture does not make
sense and is not specific. 3000 ads a day, they have their blinders
on at all times. They are looking for reasons not to read it.

Body copy: The body copy is a paragraph or two talking about their
problem, then leading to the solution. In your case it may talk about mold
spreading across their siding... then go into how your soft wash
process will bring the house back to life.

Fact- never use humor. There is not one thing on earth everyone thinks
is funny. I've never seen a 'cute' ad make money. Never, so I doubt
it will be yours to break the mold.

Guarantee: You should always put a guarantee on your ads and
website. This helps with distrust issues. Just because you have
a business and a flier does not make you trustworthy. I will not
hire a service to work on anything in my home without a guarantee.

The Offer: You need some kind of offer if you want to push people
into action. I like to test two offers and see which one gets better
response. Take the exact same ad and send out 50% with one offer
and 50% with a different offer.

Weird fact- did you know that 89 tends to pull less than 79 or 99?
If you use an offer like $199 whole house cleaned it tends to work
better than $189... it does not make sense but that is why you test.

DO NOT send out large amounts of ads at once. I have a client who
sent out 15,000 fliers and got one call. Test first and roll out what works.

Be diverse in your advertising mix. Use postcards, door hangers and
fliers. They all have a different impact on the prospect. DO NOT
think you know how they think because you do not.

Hit areas at least once every month, or if you are mixing it up hit
them with one, then two weeks later another, then a week later
another.. You would be shocked how well this works.

I've sent out 100's of thousands of fliers. I created a jumbo
postcard that mailed to 900,000 homes and brought in $250,000
in sales. This stuff works, if done right.

I hope this helps you a little. If you need my help check this out

May you have a successful year


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The Headline...very important and I feel like people over-crowd their ads WITHOUT a good headline. Haha liked yours, I actually did visualize !

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