How to give bids?

Any advice on given bids - for example on flat work such as driveways, decks, etc or siding, roofs, etc.

I appreciate all of you guys help and hope to soon be able to contribute more to the site rather than ask so many questions.

I thank you guys so much.
If the question is about pricing, it all depends on what your location will allow. It will vary from place to place. In my area a good average is::::

for flatwork=.08 maybe less for more sf

vinyl siding and aluminum=.10 or less for larger houses or 1.00 per linear ft and 1.80 for 2 story houses

as I said above, it all depends on what others in your area are charging. If you do quality work charge a quality price.


I am priced in the same ball park with Steve. I would say that is a good starting point for your area too, then adjust according to local market conditions. I will ad that decks 100 sq. ft. or less $1.00 per sg. ft. to clean and brighten, 100 to 500 sq. ft. .75 cents, and 500 plus .50 cents per sq. ft. These prices are based on floor area measurements as I do not try and measure every single picket or railing, it would take forever. I just charge by the floor sq ft. which includes the rails and pickets. Pricing is controversal as different contractors have different prices and pricing methods. The above is just what has worked for me.
Originally posted by Glenn
These prices are based on floor area measurements as I do not try and measure every single picket or railing, it would take forever. I just charge by the floor sq ft. which includes the rails and pickets.

Pricing is controversial..........but, I think if you are just measuring the floor, you are selling yourself short. One of you is going to lose......either you or the customer.

You can have two decks with the same floor sq footage that have a totally different amount of rails and spindles.

A quick way that alot of guys do it is to charge per linear foot of rail/spindle.............I think I have heard some people do $2.75 per foot on the rails and spindles.

Remember, they are the worst part......especially if the deck is elevated.

I myself measure every last little bit...........the "forever" way. I like it that each his/her own.
One of the ways I used to find out what the price market average was, is to ask a few friends to get some estimates for me.
Tell them what you want them to ask and touch base with them after the company leaves.
I know some might thing that is a little under handed, but it was the only way I knew.
You can always get a list of who your friends used for the bids and send them easch a job when work overwhelms you later. It's kind of way to pay them back for their trouble.
We all have a view jobs we bid that we don't get, so I quess it's not to bad. Who knows, one of your friends neighbors may see them in the neighborhood and call on them later.
Just a thought.
I charge anywhere from .03 to .25 a square ft. depending on the job. If it is a residential driveway or sidewalk, I normally charge at least .10 cents a sq. ft.. If it has several caked on grease spots that I know will take longer, I may charge .15 cents to .25 cents. It has to be pretty bad before I will ever rise to .25 cents at a residence. Remember, annual contracts always demands the respect of lower pricing. On House washing I average $1.00 per linear ft. single story and $2.00 on two stories. I also add a little for cost of chemicals and fuel.

Hope this helps

Richard R.

Larry L.

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Tim are you learning to be a pro or are you already a pro,if so treat the other powerwashers with respect,go ask them what you want to know,I have never not helped all the newbee's around here.A new one called Sunday night,talked 2 hrs. asking Q'tions as to this or that,I never lied to him on nothing or anything because he had enough respect to call me without useing me,in that I respected him as a man of good business.He's thinking of dropping the price down on the trucks around here to 35 as to now 55,I told him it didn't make me no differents what he gets but I'm not doing them for nothing I'm in it to make a living.Ask the guys in your area what the prices are as to stay in the price range they are.

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