Husqvarnah 3300 psi, 3.2gpm

Just wondering what you experience pressure washer guys think of that machine. I could not afford one with a belt and thought that the cooling system on this one would increase the life. I do residential and slowly starting gas station and some other. I will post pics of my set up here in a bit. I built my trailer and all by myself. You guys let me know after checking out that washer. I change the oil of the pump every 5 hrs of use and never run it idle for more then a minute. I paid w tax 750.$ new at lowes and thought price quality was a great deal (i covered its cost in one day of work). Ill post pics of my rig soon. Ill also tell u guys about how i started this venture. Lol literally started with veryyyyyy little $. Cheers
Just starting out my self I have done houses before back when I had a lawn care biz. Now I'm trying to get into pwashing fu time . How did that pwasher work out for you how has your biz grown ?

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