I resigned , Doug Rucker is the new president of the national association!

Ron Musgraves

Staff member
I turned the united association over to Doug Rucker, I'm proud to have serve the members of the industry. I'm glad the Uamcc has grown and helped so many. It's truly been a growing experience that was worth it.

I wanted to thank the board for supporting me. We all did great things that will be remembered for a long while. Congratulations to Lisa Seitz for filing the spot and being appointed by our new prez.

I'm proud of Larry Hinckley for accepting the Dave Olson award. As I reflecting back on this day my eyes started to water. In the remembrance of Dave and for the honor of Larry. I hope we can get Larry to the national show because he is industry treasure.

This weekend a clear picture of what we have built shined clear. As Carlos Gonzales spoke during the induction of Doug accepting the position it hit me. In 2009 Carlos said "the industry needs to clean the slate, All the things that have happened in the past are in the past" I remembered those words in my head as Doug quoted me three years ago when him and I decided to take the challenge of running the Uamcc. Doug reminded me I said "let's just help people." I realized today we have. Today the Uamcc is clearly the industry org helping people. Owned and operated by it's members. Beyond a shadow of a doubt the best thing contractors , customers and anyone affiliated has ever had in my lifetime.

We established today a clearer path for the future. The new org motto is " Helping People Succeed" some may ask what happened to "contractors for contractors." The Uamcc has been helping more contractors that it ever has. But reality is we have shown contractors by helping the community our customers and first and foremost our family's we all will succeed together. Hence the motto " Helping people succeed" fits the goals of this member owned and operated national association.

I just wanted to share the thoughts not only to members but all the people in the industry. Even if your not and official member the Uamcc considers themselves as the industry organization. So your in our family regardless of status. The Uamcc is the only org that represents everyone.

The Uamcc will continue to grow and touch more lives to those willing to put the time into themselves and the org. Ask yourself what you can do, thank someone else who has helped you. Reach out and help someone.

In closing thanks for letting me serve you. I look forward to continuing to support Doug and the membership in the future. GO UAMCC!!!

Clean County

New Member
The UAMCC doesn't represent me or my business Ron and probably never will for many of us with the new President in place, but for you Ronny I wish you the best of luck on your future in whatever direction it takes you. I'll catch up with down the road.

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