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I had a PW business several years ago and eventually let it go because I am a full time Firemen and my wife finished Nursing school. The kids were young and honestly it let me get out and pay for all those Disney trips. I had gotten busy enough to work everyday if I wanted, but I got burnt out. I still have people calling be after 5 years and I have made it as far as I want to go in the Department as a LT. Kids are in HS and its time to think about my future and do i want to work until I am 90 years old, nope I don't think so. So I am gearing up for an official start Jan 1st 2015. We are going to add some extras and going to be what I like to call "Property Enhancement" I am not leaving any stone unturned once I am in the door. I will keep everyone informed. Is there anything new and exciting out there I need to check out ASAP?

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Hey Neptune welcome back brother. I did your routine for years. I did 25 yrs in law enforcement along with 16yrs with my Powerwashing business. Today I'm retired from my job and going on my 20th yr Powerwashing. I did pass up my PD salary yrs ago and that alone was 160k.

What I did was I joined PWNA.ORG - Power Washers of North America back in 2000(the same time I came on this bulletin board when it first opened) and I haven't looked back. I would recommend you to do the same. There's plenty of FD, PD and others who are members of that org including some guys who make over $18,000,000/yr. It's great to pick these guys brains and it sure worked for me and it can work for you as well.

Welcome back brother ;)

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