i'm looking Portable propane powered/fired hot water unit!

Hello islander,

Mine is portable (truck mounted) Lp fueled Genset (pumps are electric) and Lp for boiler.

This probably isn't what you had in mind!

You might want to check http://www.whitcoinc.com

They built our boiler.

Most skid mount units have gasoline engines and diesel burners. We have another unit that runs on K1 (both engine & burner).

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I am located in central VA, and I have a used LPG fired hotbox in real nice condition. Then all you need is a good cold water washer.
If interested call me or e-mail.


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Epps make a couple of units that use an LP fueled engine and an LP burner. One uses a converted motor, the other uses a purpose built motor for LP only. Contact your local pressure washer dealer or email me directly for one near you.
Hey Bates,

Thanks for your donation. I will make sure it goes right back into the site. It really helps to bring new and exciting features to the community. Hey if islander doesn't take you up on that hotbox, why not put it up on the auction site.

Also if your looking new Islander. Ask Mark from the Pressure Washer Zone. He will do what ever he can to get you what you need. He's a stand up guy with a great company and will go out of his way to do you right.

If he can help you, it helps out the communiy and shows appreciation for his long time support he has shown.
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LPG Engine & LPG Burner

Here is an LPG Fired Hot HP Washer powered by an LPG engine.;)

Dang cant get the picture to post, I will try this weekend also, we do offer LPG Hot HP Washers with LP engines

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