Injectable Deck Cleaner

Warren Smathers

New Member
Anyone have a recommendation for a deck cleaner that can be run through the downstream injector? I know TWP makes one, but the ICI store here didn't carry it last year. Any alternatives or experience with the TWP product?

Greg Rentschler

New Member
Usually if it is designed to be run through the downstream it isn't very effective. The typical downstream injector dilutes at a 20:1 ratio which is way too high. In comparison to using percarbonates these products are not as effective.


Mike Hughes

New Member
Not onlly that, but how would you control it (keep it off of shrubs, etc) I would think even with the right tip, the p/w would be too much power for chemical application to decks.......unless it's a wide open deck, with nothing around it.


New Member
I have used the TWP injectible stripper, Safe Strip, however, I apply with a pump up sprayer. It is quite good, but I never dilute it less than 4 to 1, so I doubt that 20 to 1 would be very effective.

A lot of people use a Sureflow system to apply chems, and I am in the process of building one myself right now. You get better spray control, and better dilution control, which is what you want.

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