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Guys - did a search on this but thought I'd give it a shot again to see if any more relevant info has come up.

I've been part-time since I've started this business and have never been asked for insurance until tonight. Im doing a condo complex and need to show proof of 500,000 liability insurance. Any recommendations for someone cheap?

If I was a full timer I would definitley have insurance but....when your part time its just another expence. The job is for $5500 so Im hoping to keep the expense less than $500.

Thanks in advance all!!!


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D W , If you were full time it would be another expence also. Get insured. Check with you local independent agents they can probably help you out. Part time or not you do need insurance. Hope you get the condo project.


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Remember the insurance is less about covering damages you do. It's more about the potential liability facing you. Suppose someone "slips" on a tiny puddle of water you left behind. Or someone "trips" over your high pressure hose. What if you cause a condo to burn to the ground. It can and does happen. Water and electricity do not mix. What if during your drive, you get cut off, and your trailer or vehicle overturns. Who is going to pay for the toxic recovery cleanup that occurs after you spill gasoline and various other chemicals all over the road.

Carrying proper insurance is part of becoming/operating a legitimate power washing business.

If I lived in your area, and we shared the same customer base, I would work your lack of insurance into my favor. Many customers feel a company carrying proper insurance is preferable, and may even pay more for a service because of perceived value.

Spend the money, get peace of mind, and market to your advantage.


Ha Ha Ha!! Part time makes the $100,000 Plus lawsuit seem even more than it would if you were full time.

Insurance is very expensive when you don't see any reason for having it... That is until you do something that could have bankrupted you because you didn't have it.

I have never used my policy, but tomorrow could be the day that all those premiums save my butt.

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Thats exactly what my girlfriend said last night when I was whining about the insurance cost. "You idiot - you could lose your house, boat, 401K, snowmobile etc.!!!"

So, Im getting quotes today.

I've been doing this since 98 part time so I know there is $ to be made....just haven't got the guts to go full time yet.

p.s I did get the job - this may be the contract to make me seriously consider going full time.


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try check insurance companies prices. you have to be willing to research to find the best deals. The best deals aren’t out there saying, “hey choose me.â€￾ Instead, you have to be willing to shop around for the best deal. This means getting on the phone and calling companies that you’re interested in doing business with or conducting price comparisons online. Either way, you have to be willing to put in the necessary effort to receive the golden egg.



I got a quote today for $1,000,000 in liability and $5000 for my equipment for $924 per year. Doesn't seem to high to me.


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If you search around, you can get quotes for half that, depending on your experience in the business and how many stories you work. Make sure the quote includes a care, custody, and control clause.

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