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Pretty good article I thought. I wonder if she read the one I wrote for Cleaner Times last year using the same title. Get Your Mind In The Gutter...

I think she did a really good job writing it with some good hints added in as well. She wrote it based more for home owners though than I did in my version. Mine was written for contractors.


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Well one thing she was wrong about:

DON’T!: We don’t recommend using a hose or a power washer for this project. The power washer is too strong while a hose may not be strong enough. What’s more, you may actually clog your gutters trying to flush them.

Yes a power washer is to strong but I have cleaned over 5000 homes in the past 25 years and 30% are clogged at the elbows of the down spout and you need to take the nozzle off the hose, then snake the hose with water running up and down in the down spout out let to open up the blockage..
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