Is this dry rot?

I looked at a deck today and it was stained two years ago with Behr.
Where all of the knots are and around, all the stain is gone and the
knots are soft and flakey and dry.If you scrape with your fingernail
around the area it is also soft ,flakey and dry.Deck is 12 years old
and the people moved in seven years ago and said when they moved
there it looked like nothing had been done to it.Deck is in sun all day
could it be severely dried out? Went underneath and ran my fingernail on
the boards and it flaked off like dust almost.
Hi JR, When I used to bid decks, I always carried a ice pick or a knife with me. When ever I saw something that looked like dry rot, I always probed it to see if the blade would go into the wood easiley. If the blade went in easy, then I knew I had dry rot. If the wood was hard, then it was OK. The one thing that kept us above our competion, was the fact that we also did deck repairs. We could also build a new one if needed. There are certain areas on a deck that are more prone to dry rot than others. I always looked at these areas real close. We never did deck cleaning, we did deck restorations. Hope this has helped. Have a great day.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare

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