It's getting close for the drop

Tim Lynch

New Member
I allways say, you can tell when it's close to my son's birthday as the leaves start falling, August. And my wifes when the leaves start blooming, May.

The drop in Northern Ca is starting, and last year was a great year my best. I hope everyone had the same experiance. It's time to get the accounts ready for mailing, calling... Make sure those gutter getters are new and ready to go! The Gutter scoops sitting in the hot trucks mite be all warpped out and split by now, time to buy some new ones before the weekend ladder jacks get them. A nice new 5 gallon pail with holes in the bottom and a new hook mite be in order. If that telescoping pole looks worn mite be a good time to price shop for that 24 footer or longer.

Safety check's on ladder equipment! Make sure those bolts are looking snug for the stand offs.

It's not here yet! but it's getting close!
Time for a change from decks to something easy soon! (smile)

Alex Alden

New Member
When does the gutter cleaning season start?

I wash windows mostly one story. Thinking of doing gutter cleaning. Whats the best ladder length to start with for one story, two story? Website to get tools? Best advertising? When to get started?

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