John Tornabee Clean County Powerwashing Training At The 23 Florida Panhandle Garage Cleaning Event Jan 2023

Ron Musgraves

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John Is A UAMCC Certified Pressure Washer for Commercial and Residential Cleaning!

John Will Be A Trainer At The Panhandle Parking Garage Training Event in Florida.

Click Here For His UAMCC Directory Listing

Here Is his Website

From John...
We have been in the Powerwashing business since 1996. We have a multi million dollar liability insurance along with workers comp. We are also licensed. We do many types of Cleaning in the residential and Commercial fields. In the residential end we do House washes, Deck washing/Stripping and staining along with the same process for Cedar shake siding houses along with many other type Of residential cleaning such as Brick,Concrete,stone walkways,pool patios and driveways along with Roof Cleaning. Basically we clean most anything on the residential end. Commercial accounts we do Bi-weekly, monthly, Bi Monthly and yearly or whatever fits your needs. Some of our commercial acounts took us thru 4-5 states twice a year to service these accounts. We also do many types of building cleaning with bucket trucks, lifts etc. We clean parking garages any where on Long Island, in the tri-state area and beyond. We have done parking garages as far as Baltimore MD. If the job is large enough and we win the bid will go just about anywhere to get the job done for you. Thats our goal with our company which is to keep your places having the best curb appeal so your company when looking so good your customers just want to be there. Cleanlines is money in your pocket. So if you look in the Contractors directory you will see my company in every catagory except the "Fleets" section. Book with us and you wont be disappointed!!!


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