Jon really, really has no Life!


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<FONT face="Comic Sans MS">Jon seems to post on this board more than anyone else. Noon, evening, late at night. Damn, get a job or a hobby! You must have a great social and personal and your PC! Pretty pathetic when you think about it, but hey, that's just my $ .02</FONT f>


David Saulque

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I am lost for words at you lack of basic personal skills. If your get a thrill out of our posts, you are the one with the social problem. Jon's company along with mine will more than hold our own with the likes of you and your "1" post.

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How is it your such an expert on me? Do you follow me around all day and night? Ah so that is the shadow I see

In reply to your remarks:

I don't need a job as I own my own business, do you?

I have hobbies, do you?

I have a social and personal life, do you?

Now I need to get some sleep as I have to start the first of two jobs at 10:30 tonight.

Hint,if you cannot say anything nice about others don't say it at all. It only tells the rest of us about YOU.


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Mike Hughes

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Welcome to the board. I agree with the above post.....if you can't say something nice, then keep your two cents in your pocket.



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Hey WasherMan,,,,boy you started off on the wrong foot here. Unlike other "washer" boards, this one does not have folks that bash each other. We are here for advice and friendship. So, please adjust your Detroit attitude and show some respect to those who deserve it.
And Jon does!

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Dan Flynn

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Well said,

With the little time we all have to network, nobody needs a problem child around. We all have a opinion and should feel free to express it. How ever there is a difference in an opinion and a out of knowhere bash.

Please keep them to yourself. If Jon or anyone else has extra time to post to the appropriate board so be it. This board is for people who enjoy learning, sharing, networking and building friendships.

If none of those titles describes you. You might want to find some place else to dish out you're insults. You are more than welcome here, but please act like a civilized person and keep your unsolicited sales pitch to yourself.

Nobody else seems to have a problem with it.

Dan Flynn
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Larry L.

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I was looking around and guess what I run into,You again.Are you one of those pw thats got it made and not have to work all time.You know ya can't make a living in just a few hours aweek
.Why not gave it up and gave me ya buss
,that way you can have more time to spend on the pc
.Boy aren't these pc's great,wife told me she was going to get me a job,a real job,so I would not have all this time to look at PRETTY PRETTY pages
.She does got get mad but doesn't understand why I need all that learning
.Luckboy I think you and me have been bashed more then anyone on theses bbs,do ya think we'll ever learn how to stay out of trouble
.I liked the part about following ya around,the shadow got me
,good answer..........C-ya

When In Doubt,,,,Think It Out.


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And NO I don't think we will ever learn to stay out of trouble.

Heck why should we grow up when we are having so much fun.

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<FONT face="Comic Sans MS">Washerman, I am not going to get negative on you, but just wanted to say it seems pretty out of line to rag on someone like Jon. I personally enjoy his posts and he seems like a nice guy. My impression of this board was that its a place to share ideas and get help, not make enemies.........</FONT f>



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