K1 Unloader issues


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running an electric start Torini 15hp with a direct drive 23 liter per minute chinese pump and a turbo head wand setup, i recently converted this to the K1 pressure sensitive unloader but could not get it setup right at all, from research i am led to believe that when setup correctly there should be a small amount of water dribbling from the bottom bypass port while the trigger is pulled - mine however is a high pressure jet out the bypass port.

If i adjust the lock bolt on top of the unloader it either shuts off the bypass all together or a massive jet of water, i also noticed the motor really starts to labor when bypass is closed/almost closed - a lot more laboring than the regular unloader valve.

not sure if the k1 unloader is suitable for a direct high speed pump, maybe it should only be used with a gearbox driven pump ?
faulty k1 unloader ?
should i pull the unloader apart, maybe manually change the spring tension ?

thanks in advance


New Member
joshrulz, for how long have you been using that electric start for high pressure machine? When I was trying to make high pressure washing recently, I also had some issues with it, as I thought first, but I was wrong on my conclusion. It was all about chemicals I've been using, they kinda damaged some details, that's why I've decided to choose new paver sealer for high pressuring works at my backyard, and making my work purposes.

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