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I will be honest with 4:00 pm this roof had me whipped today...LOL. Didn't break for lunch...started at around 8. It would have went quicker but the moss/algae was sticking like glue in places.

Anyway....comments are welcomed!

Clean My Roof in Lafayette, CA

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Turned out great Carlos. How did you get the algae/moss to remove.

Hey thanks Doug.....I have a dual lance where I can adjuct the pressure right at the wand. In most cases low pressure, heat and patience but I did find myself playing with the pressure throughout the job. In the real nasty stuff that was in the pics..believe it or not...I stood maybe 15 feet away and peeled the moss off with a Ladder Saver nozzle. The Ladder Saver saved me time.

Also I adjusted my roof mix stronger....I am sure that helped also


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Great job on the roof cleaning, C-los. You learned a lesson we all learn. Thicker moss really shouldn't be removed mechanically. Its best to let homeowners know that lichen and moss will be killed and turn white but in effort to not cause damage its best to let subsequent rainfalls remove the growth.

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