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Ron Musgraves

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Well I saw the guy on Thursday; a friend of mine calls me on phone and says, hey you want to meet lance? I say sure where’s he at? My friend says he’s at the Hilton and it looks like he might be doing a seminar. I say I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

I’m training a guy to sell so I bring him with me, he has heard of lance and also wouldn’t mind meeting the guy. Sure enough lance is parked right in the parking lot of the Hilton. He has brand new rig guessing about 300,000.00 worth. He has the pop out extended out and the generator is running full blast. I figure he is in the rig, I knock on the door and no answer. I’m getting ready to leave and the rig moves a little. I knock again, the door opens I ask are you Lance Winslow? He replied ‘ yes I am’ his hair is up in the air he’s standing in his boxers. I obviously woke him up. I then say I like to talk with him at another time when he’s not sleeping. He says yeah right, they he just slams the door saying he’s not interested. I realize the guy is pissed I woke him from a slumber. He was rude and did not act professional. He knew I was not interested in a franchise, I had a rig on the back of my truck. I didn’t think this guy’s attitude was very good and if this guy can’t talk and respect others then I guess he does deserve all the bad press he gets.

How does this guy sell folks a franchise if he has no people skills?


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Welcome to the world of Mr. Major attitude himself, now you have learned first hand why the people who join him end up in the poor house, or should I say with no house once they find out the real him.

Did you not get warned how he was like, he thinks he is the worlds best salesmen, pressure washer, million dollar man and a few other things when in reality he makes money all around.

From having to buy everything though him, the trucks, the Hydro Tek equipment etc., he gets a commission on it all yet hand him a wand and watch him scratch his head, HOW DO I USE THIS THING?

I bet you not only work him up but distrubed his bed partner also!!

Larry L.

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<b><font color=green>Ron what would you have done if the enemy was at your door with weapons.
If you wanted to meet him why did you show up with your guns,when he open the door he judged you as the enemy plus a soldier.He doesn't care what you or I think his people skills are b/c he's sitting or sleeping in a 300,000.00 rig.He has something working for him that you cann't see and he's not willing to talk to the enemy on how he does so,,basicity it was parked at the Hilton with a seminer in mind.

Go to and look at the top story for today,Does that story mean we're going to bad mouth those people too.

Lance his done been though alot of bad mouthing and will for along time but I also see him putting on a different pair of shoes as to how to better control his dealings.

As you,I and most on this bbs think we're the best, I'm not going to say come on Lance try to take mine if you can.I think the man has a silver spoon in his mouth b/c alot of things he says is still to come in this trade that he talks about which makes him that much farther ahead of us.He's looking several years ahead and we're or me is just looking around the corner.

I think Lance read you like a book when he opened the door b/c you sized him up by saying his hair and boxers,,little did you know he done you the same as the reason the door went shut."""He knew I was not interested in a franchise,""""......You even say he is pissed and only 20 miles from you WOW he even knows the name of your company by you having your rig there.I'd go to the seminar and try to talk to the ones that where thinking about going with him out of it as in taking his bullits away from him before he fires them at you :eek:..Anyway he's keeping his name out in front and we're helping him.


Ron Musgraves

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jon & bigboy your right , I just needed to see for my self ‘that’s all’.

On bigboys note this guy is at my back door and I don’t even know him. If it were not for this bbs I wouldn’t even know who he is. This great marketing he has I don’t know where it is. His presence for me is not even significant. I just thought this guy couldn’t be as bad as I thought. ‘ Wrong worse’

Larry L.

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<b><font color=green>Wait a min'ite what are you trying to do by pulling my leg like that,,,,your saying you agree with Bigboy.

Ok but I can see though stuff like that,your wanting to get on good side so I can come and help you when my bud-e starts taking your bussiness away from you.Will it want work Ron-e,he's my bud-e and bud-e' don't take bussiness away from each other but they help take away from others for their bud-e.

Hey Ron if I was there as your salesman when he came to the door like that I would have said will if your going to go eat with us like that come on lets may have had to give him a min to comb he's hair but Lance had rather send your money as his.If your salesperson has heard about him he should have known this.I think you should take a dallor a hour away from him until he learns stuff like that or give him a warning if he see his boss screwing up and don't say nothing you'll take 2 dallor away from him.

Can you tell I'm still greared up from a hard days work,they like to have killed me today man,work work elbow work elbow work work elbow and Sunday is another kick Bigboy around day.

This was the first post I opened and was to tired to try for another click so I just had to hallower at YA cuzz I sorta like ya just sorta :D</b></f>


Did you wash his truck?

I have been thinking about it and you should have fired up your rig and washed his truck for him. I am sure that he would have appreciated it. :D :D :D

Larry L.

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<b><font color=green>Yel Scott I'd been like you,I couldn't have tuck tail and run off like that.I'd showed him what kind of truck washer I was,may even throw some acid on the windsheild to get it shiny.That teach him from slaming doors on some ones face if they have a powerwasher setting close by with a grin on their face.</b></f>
So..........was his $300000 rig Yellow? I presume you are referring to a motorcoach, and not a power washing rig......

I could see him running around in a bright yellow Winnebago...........
Face it some people will make money at other peoples expense and not care how they feel about it. In the end people like this will pay if you guys/gals know what I mean.

There always seems to be a cancer in every aspect of life. Yea they do make ineresting stories and yes they have no conscience most of the time and of course they are more popular then you or I but if that what it takes to get ahead in life then they can have it. What they do lack is pride among many other things.

I like most of you take pride in what I do and the end result is I like to get paid well in doing so but to rip people off to make it big is something thats not even a consideration. In the end my conscience will be clear.

Maybe a career Lance should consider is politics because he sure seems to be able to sell s..t to so many people. I have to say I get my info about him from what I read and if so many people are saying negative things about him then some of them are bound to be true.

If Lance reads these bb's I would challange him to respond because there is a ton of people in this industry who thinks he gives us a bad name.

It is a Freightliner FL70 that has about a 110" sleeper on it that has a slide out, and then there is a 35 foot trailer behind it. I haven't figured out what he does with the thing, except maybe profile.

Ron Musgraves

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When he sell a franchise he delivers their rig with it. Drives the thing up in the trailer and away he goes. That’s what Howard told me.
Boy, that seems pretty small time to me. Of course, if you want to control all aspects of the rig, and make sure that you get your cut, that is what youwould have to do. I would think that since he has "so Many" people working for him, his time would be better spent managing the company.


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Scott what company??

If you think that is bad how about this:

He resales the rigs when a guy fails, you almost pay full price THEN you have to LEASE the equipment on top of that.

Heck you can buy a truck and all the equipment for less and get brand new stuff too.

Ron who in heck is Howard?

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