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Gentlemen -
Im getting quite a few leads on my website for jobs in Chicago South Side and South and Western Burbs. They are out of my service range.

I am looking for someone or people that would be interested in lead referals. I give you leads you give me your leads (that are out of your range)

Im in Edison Park - Northwest Side of Chicago (right next to Park Ridge) I prefer work obviously in that area but also will go as far as Crystal Lake/Algonquin West and Northbrook North, Elmhurst South.

Give me a call if we can work something out. 847-877-2481 Cell or email nildeckworks@hotmail.com


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We lived in the Elgin area several years ago and came across your name while we were doing a job in Algonquin. We had advertised in the Daily Herald at the time. You seem to have grown considerably since. We picked up a Herald last summer and couldn't believe how many ads were in the paper now (I think we counted 15, when we left Elgin there were maybe 6 -we moved in 2002- including us)

I've checked out your web site by searching for 'power washing illinois' and the search engine pulled you up 3 times. I was a bit surprised at that, I'm sure that's how you're getting all the web hits. Great site.

How are you picking up so much business with all the competition out there?
These guys seem to be popping up out of the wood work over there.

Deck Works

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Mostly repeat business and I think word of mouth. I quit advertising a few years ago as I was estimating more than I was powerwashing. Plus I've been at this since 1998 which in this industry in an eternity.

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