Log Home Sikkens removal

I just want to say thanks for this great board Dan, and thanks Tim Cross for your help last Weds. night.
We have restored 6 log homes, and sealed 2 new log homes in the past 3 years. Plus we have restored several cedar sided homes.
This mourning, I went to bid on a log home that has 3 year old Sikkens on it. The finish is not failing yet, atleast its not cracking, peeling, or flaking...yet. Anyway, the homeowner wants it removed.
I tested several different areas with different sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide based strippers. I even mixed a 25% sodium hydroxide mixture, and the sikkens just laughed at it all.
The finish being so new, will the corn cob blasting do the trick? And what would you charge to remove this beast?
The logs are 8" white pine interlocking logs. There is a total of 3800 sq. ft. including the curve factor. The front of the home is one story and the back of the home is 3.5 stories. Its hanging off the side of a mountain. It also has 1100 sq. ft. of decks including the handrails.
IF...we can remove this, we will apply two wet on wet coats of the TWP 501.
I've never stripped sikkens before so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hey Larry
Are they dead set on NOT just cleaning and recoating? I would use the experience you already have to sell them on a clean and recoat. Tell them, "Look, I've tried this,this,and this and none of it has worked. This material is on there GOOD! and it doesn't want to come off. Based on all this testing, I recommend a clean and recoat. I don't want to waste YOUR money on the removal of a perfectly good stain." IF they still want it removed, let someone else beat there heads against a wall. How much is it worth to you?
Larry- the fact that the Sikkens finish was applied only three years ago and is not cracking or peeling will effect the removal if using a corn cob media. However, the removal could be accomplished with corn cob blasting. You also need to consider that if the home is caulked or chinked the abrasive cleaning might require the chinking or caulking to be re-appied in some areas. Corn Cob Blasting is a great way to remove finishes, but it is not the cure all. I suggest that you try a small area before bidding the job.In general we charge between $3.00 - $5.00 a sq. ft for blasting and preservation. I know that you never want to give away work, but some jobs are better, if walked away from. The cleaning and re-application of the same product is not the answer either.Give me a call again if you have more questions.
Good Morning, Just read about your Sikkens job. Hate to say it but none of your home made s**** is going to work. Two of the hardest finishes to remove is Sikkens and a heavy build up of Behr. We do have a stripper that will work. I have a picture of a test we did on a 8 year old building with 8 coats of cooked Behr. Removed all 8 coats in 30 minutes. If your interested in seeing it, let me know. Have a good day. ... Jim ...
Thanks to all that replied. I contacted the homeowner last night and explained the difficulty in this paticular job. I told him it could run between 15-20k, and if he was still interested I would get him a firm bid. He said that he could live with the shine for that much.
Thanks again,

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