Maintenance Agreements

Deck Works

New Member
I've been thinking of ways to try and make more $ out of annual maintenance agreements:
Would this work?

On existing customers that I have previously p-washed and stained (s.w. cuprinol) their deck

1) lightly pressure wash the deck

2) Spray via garden sprayer Olympic CWP with a little Cuprinol toner mixed in

The question is:
would #2 harm the existing finish?
I was thinking that it would give longer life to the full stain job.

I feel I should know this but don't.....

Let me know opinions. Thanks

Deck Works

New Member
All - any opinions on this....Im eager to start offering this but do not want to do any damage or create problems.

Appreciate any help

Mike Hughes

New Member
If you were asking about Ready Seal I could help you....but I dont know anything about using Cuprinol.........

I personally do not subscribe to the idea of maint. coats...........doing just the floor...........I dont do it unless asked.

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