Make the UAMCC Convention a GREAT ONE!!!

Clean County

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Lets make this convention a convention for the ages. Lets make it a Great one. With so much strife in this world and in our country lets just forget all of that and get together in Orlando and all reach out for each other. We can go to all these excellent classes that the UAMCC has put together and then we can just sit and talk shop or whatever it is that we want to talk about.

Lets forget about the everyday life for awhile when we get there and just enjoy the moments. This will be such a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE for many that so many of us will come back so pumped up to continue onwards with our businesses no matter how messed up so many things are on the outside.

Lets do this and lets all go to this Convention. Strength is always in the numbers and with many people at this convention you my friend...Yes you will find so many that share your idea's and values and you will learn from so many to.

Lets do it....and write the whole thing off at tax time..but bigger then that..go make alot of money from what you learned at this convention and always relish the good friendships that you will make also at this Convention.

I hope to see all of you there. LETS JUST DO IT!!!!!

Dan S

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Oh brother , Now `ya gotta beg people to have a good time ? LOL

John I know what you are typing ... and the message you are trying so hard to get acrossed . However;
everybody has to be aware of the "everyday" BS that is in our cruel world . Not so much of the business effect , But the world and it's problems _ Starting with that ***************** no good ********
who calls himself our president . And for those of you who voted for him well *****************
and Let me repete that ****************** translated > IT SUKS 2 B U !

Ya know Im sorry but to beg people to have a good time and forget the worries of the world is not good practice . If anything ya need to keep it in their mind and keep a watchfull to eye on people , there is all kinds of ******* looking for a way to hurt America .... dont sterotype but always be in the defence mode !

I do hope ya have a good time ..... I know this is not what you ment ........>> But when I read your "plea" this is the first thing that came 2 mind. And it's sad to think ya gotta write a post telling people to have a good time .... well it's kinda sad to be honest. Thats like saying ........>> Hey come to my party @ my camp but dont come if you cant leave the troubles of the world behind ya... And forget the fact that the economy sucks ...But come and spend some money @ my camp ...1st class = $200.00 where ya can learn the proper way to shoot a deer and gut it and drag it...
2nd class How to build a fire $ 150.00
Then go home and and sit on the couch and BAMM you spent your money on stupid **** now ya cant buy soap ........BUt hey thats okay cuz JOHN said to come and forget everything about the world and have fun .

Ha' Im messin wit cha again John............. but even tho Im poking "fun" @ your "plea" it still is quite funny 2 think ya gotta even have a "plea" to make people think they are doing the right thing by attending this most famous convention and spending money to learn how to wash, Somebody somewhere is making money on these conventions .


Clean County

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Hey Dan--R u coming to the Convention??lol I'd be shocked if you would ever go to one of these in this field. There is so much strife in this world and Country its just nice to hang out with people with such common interest in this industry. ITs not for everybody but I can tell ya alot of people are really digging these get together's. If you look at what where giving away at this Conventions its mind boggeling. We can't thank these distributors enough. Yes the Distributors of course would like to get some business from the ones who attend these conventions but that is just smart business sense. But to also get to sit down and have a few beers with these guys/gals and just talk shop...well alot of people just love doing that. ITs so nice to talk about our businesses instead of every day life every now and then.

To bad you can't see this but hey I have to give you credit. You haven't changed in about the 9-10 years I have known you thru the net. You are not wishy washy by no means. You stand your ground and stick to what you believe in. I tip my hat to ya for staying the way you are[rwb]

I bet in the history of this Bulletin board from back when Dan Flynn owned it to Mark McIntyre and I have started some of the best and most popular Threads here...for better or worse. Some of those debates where fun and they always ended with you and I on different sides of the fence. Its been fun

Dan S

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yep John ... sum day we will meet up and share a cup of my finest home-brew !!

Enjoy tour trip and I hope `ya win sumthin !!


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