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Georgia & George Smith

We've been ask to clean new brick blds. One is 17,500 surface and the other is 15,600 surface footage. All we have to do is remove mortor and seal it after it's cleaned. What would be a fair price? I've come up with a price and just want to know if I'm out of line. By the way these are post office buildings.
G&G. If I clean new brick, removing mortar tags and splatter, I usually charge between .15 to .17 SF just for the cleaning. I used a good brick wash and a turbo nozzle. I haven't sealed any yet so I can't be much help there. I also mainly do residential, not quite that much SF. Hope this helps, Best wishes and God Bless, Walt


To Clean if acid is used (like OFF-RIGHT or SURE CLEAN) .15cents-.30cents per sq ft. Would be my price. To seal .50cents-.80cents per sq ft. Fair price for government building! Good luck...

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Georgia & George Smith

Thank you Walt & Rick for your info. it was really helpful. I was pretty close to you guys on price. We start Monday. God Bless You Too..

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