Matching Old and new Decks


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I have a customer who has a old deck about 4 years never treated or sealed. And he just built a new addition,lower deck. My questions are:
1.Will these two decks turn out the same?
2.What product should I use to remove the mill glaze from the new deck? I have read Wolmans Cedar and Redwood Brightner will work.
3. I also wandered how long before the mill glaze disappears from nature?


The deck on my home was about 8 months old when we moved in last month and had not been treated at all. I built a gate so my baby can't fall down the steps........then washed the whole thing. Now that it's sealed, the new wood stands out, but not too bad. Your best bet to make it match would be to sand the old portion........alot of work, but it is what would yield the best results.

Any mild cleaner should remove the mill glaze, but I have no idea how long it takes to go away on its own.....

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA

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