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New here. Which is why I'm posting here.

I saw a link to this website on another pressure washing board. So I figured the more people I talk to the better to further my education in this business.

I have 2 cold water machines. Only 1 is really running right. But it is a Honda 11hp Cat pump belt driven. I have it on a trailer with a 24ft ladder. A 16" driveway cleaner. 150 of High Pressure hose with 175ft of supply hose..

I was injured recently so I am not able to do any work. I had a BMX bike accident and they had to remove my splein. Pretty nasty. But a buddy of mine from college is doing what little work I have for me while he is on summer break.

A little about me. I'm about to be 21 this June. (Thank God I had this crash before I was 21 and no longer insured under my parents). I started this business less than a year ago. Last October to be exact. I was working on pool tables to bankroll my business. In a couple of months I'll be back to doing that once I heal up that way I can further my business.

My Equipment. I've changed it a little bit since then but it's the basic jist of things.


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Thanks Mark

Actually my name is Mark also. M ark D avid S mith. Which is what MDS stands for.

I'm doing much better. I get wore out a lot if I stay up all day. And the pain medication has messed up my sleep pattern. But over all I'm doing ok.

I just bought a commmercial walk behind mower from a friend of mine for $300. It's old but it works. I just needs some minor repairs. And it has a new transmission in it. So I'm going to start trying to get into lawns in about a month. Hopefully I can get some money out of that and help my Pressure Washing Business. That way I know I have some money coming in every 2 weeks or so.

Also here is a picture of my scar (warning. It is not for the squeemish. But it isn't too bad either)...


Larry B

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I am a bit curious. I used to race BMX in the 80's and can't quite grasp how one can rupture your spleen doing it. I know BMX has came along way since then. I remember when we used to dream or hear rumors of somebody who knew somebody who saw a backflip on a bike. Then that movie, I forget the name came out, and we actually saw one.


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When I was 13 I started racing BMX. I think I was in 7th grade then. That was in I guess 1997. I raced until I turned 16. What happened? I got a car and discovered Girls!!! So I had a choice between Women and Bicycles. I'm sure most of you can figure out which one I went for.

When I did race I had a ton of crashes. 1 time while riding without a shirt I hit a jump we called a "Camel Back". If you are familiar with BMX it is where they have a "Step up and Step down" combined together. Well after that my entire back was a scab. I nosed cased it and flipped over the handle bars. But I never had any major accidents which required me to visit the hospital. And I have had some bad wrecks at speeds that I guess reached close to 20mph over 30ft doubles and triples. In comparison my wreck I had on my bike which ruptured my splein was very minute but I guess I hit it in just the right way to bust it. Thank God I didn't break any ribs though. I would be screwed for probably a year.

The real reason I crashed is I haven't ridden my bike in years. I would have spurts every year where I would ride. This was one of them. But the beginning. I haven't yet built my skill level back up to conquer a jump in which I attempted.

If you go to My Personel Website you will see a page which explains how I hurt myself. It is the link that mentions my injury.

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