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I am new to the washing buisness, and was trying new soaps, I heard a lot about two stepping, but why could you not pull from both buckets (truck wash/ACID). Like I said I am new and was hoping for a little direction. Thanks Philip.
Thanks for the input, Like I said I am new and was just hoping for some input on mixing soap. I was also wondering about citric acid, is it good for the two stepping. Thanks
I tried citric for 2 stepping and it will work you have to mix it real strong (gets expensive) and it still doesn't work as good as HF. If you are going to 2 step just remember Hf is VERY NASTY stuff do some research on it and be careful. Oh ya be care full around glass and polished aluminum.

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You cann't mix up a days supply but mixing both in the same bucket will work.Mix nomore then what it will take to wash 1 or 2 tractors or trailers.What you run into when doing this is the windsheild gets more acid applied to it,which is a no no and having to mix small batches is time wasted.However you will get a better clean if you let the acid dwell on the surface for a few seconds before applying soap.
When I tried citric I went as much as 1:1 and then downstreamed through a 20% fixed injector, it did work but I still needed to pull the brush out and the citric didn't seem to work well on the diesel smoke so I had to carry de-greaser along also. It also doesn't brighten the rails as well as HF.

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I agree with Jerry,a PH acid will clean better then citric,you will never find a acid that will top HF in cleaning power.
SORRY about all the newbie questions but what exactly is HF acid, and also to clear things up I was not going to mix the soap and the acid in a bucket, I was going to T-off my injector line and pull from my acid and my soap buckets (I guess still a was of time????). I have 1 more ? will the citric acid hurt the windows real bad, Just wondering I am going to try two-stepping today, wasn't sure if i should put acid on the whole truck or try to stay away from the windows. Thanks Philip

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HF is a cleaner and like some chemicals cann't be applied to some surfaces.
Some citric acids can be applied to the windsheild,call the wholesaler you bought it from and ask if its ok to use on windsheilds.
HF is hydroflouric acid, yes you can run acid and soap through 1 injector with a "T" but you will also have a valve so not to draw both at the same time, a 3 way valve would work best. I run mine with 2 valves so I can switch between acid and soap at the gun, I got real tired of walking to my trailer all the time.
Jerry can you explain how your set up works

Could you give a detailed description of how that works Jerry. If it is not too much trouble include a picture or two. I am setting up a second trailer and would like to down stream. I currently have a remote control wand.
I would also like to know some more about it? Are you using some type of remote solenoid, I thought of it just haven't found what I was looking for. Maybe you could give me a little direction. That would save me lot's of time. Thanks
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My set up is kind of simple I plan on putting a remote set up on but for now it is wired. I have a cheap 3 wire extention cord (150 foot) that i cut the ends off, wraped the cord and my hose together with some spiral wrap to protect the wire (if you dont the cord gets caught on everything) and it helps protect my hose from dragging on the concrete and gravel. I have a conector on my gun and hose reel so the hose can be wound up and i can use different guns. The wire is conected to 2 GC valves one for soap and one for acid and a "T" after the valves going to one injector with a 3 way switch in the gun. I will try to get some pictures posted but it might be a couple of days. I hope this helps.
Thanks a lot for the info, My brother is an electrical engineer, I have him working on my setup right now maybe a few more weeks and it will be ready to test. I just couldn't find the right valves. Thanks Again.
Hydroflouric acid

Hydroflouric acid is really the posterchem of toxic waste.

It can kill you from exposure on your skin.
And it is NOT an EZ death.

This chemical is among the best to avoid, regardless of results.

If I recall correctly, the informative post regarding HF is on the site, but I'm not sure. I will get the information and post it here.

...Far better to be short on cash and healthy than wealthy and dying...
powerwashing4 & OKwasher just wanted to let you guys know I came up with a new system for 2 steping with a wireless remote I'll have it finished and try it this weekend. It should work very well I'll let you know the result if your interested!
My new remote setup worked great. It is made from a keyless entry system. I can shut down the system and switch between soaps from the remote. The only problem is it doesn't respond very well if I am between trailers, but I just switch soaps from where I can see my trailer I have lights on the trailer that tells me which soap is on. Also it is wired so only one soap can be on at a time. I have 150' of hose and the remote worked at that range which was one of my concerns with a wireless system.

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