Mold on painted deck

Tim Smith

New Member
Customer is moving - has painted deck with mold. Can the mold be removed without damage to paint.

I will do a test spot first - I'm thinking of using a diluted percarbonate base cleaner with 40 degree tip - let the chemical and water volume (not pressure) do the work. Am I on the right track or should I run for the hills?

CSL Ent.

Hi Tim,

Is the paint a solid based acrylic latex paint? If so, in my experience, this can be lightly cleaned in the manner you have suggested. Let the sodium percarbonate do the work, and then use the 40 degree tip from a good distance away. My only concerns would be if the paint is starting to peel or crack in any areas, the pressure could start a real mess! Inspect the deck closely for an even coat and no problems with the finish, and then go for it. When I cleaned a deck with a solid acrylic latex paint, the cleaner I used did not affect the finish at all. Just my 2 cents... good luck.


Tim Smith

New Member
Did the job - I put in the contract that paint may peel. Formula work very well, but some paint did peel. The end grains were the tough. Lady very happy.

She may go ahead and have me strip. Nobody in this area will touch a painted deck. So that means I will - if nobody will do it, then there is money in it. Just spell everything out in the contract stating all the pros & cons.

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