I have been asked to clean a driveway by someone who has a washer and has used it on the drive already. His problem, and mine, is that there are dark spots in the concrete that won't come out. It appears that the previous owner allowed the mold and mildew to build up and stay indefinately and it has left a footprint, much like oil will.

He used bleach and 2500 psi. We are located in central Florida and his property is heavily treed with oaks which keep the ground relatively soggy most of the know, like a swamp!

Any suggestions?


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ron p

12% pool chlorine in a pump up sprayer and a hot water wash unit.
Maybe NEW AGAIN and hot water.
Try any of the roof washing chems and hot water.
If its allways shaded, you need a long dwell time use 1/4 cup of Dawn dish soap in the chlorine.
Bleach is only 6%
Are you sure the dark spots are not oil stains? Try some SIMPLE GREEN on them, or castrols super clean [napa or k-mart]

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