Tony Evans

Just an update on the new pole. I finally took the time to switch my conversions off my Gardiner to my new Tucker CF35. I quickly discovered that the number one section of the Tucker is larger than the Gardiner making my plans to use my hose less conversion impossible. While initially disappointed this required me to use the Tucker hose which is a larger diameter meaning more flow. The euro set up on the Tucker is ingenious. I can easily now switch out between the aluminum gooseneck made for Tucker and my Swivel euro set up. I was happy that the UniValve fit easily on the Tucker hose. After a quick addition of my standard clamp bumpers (red rings between clamps) I'm ready to put her thru the paces.
Huge shout out to Shawn Gavin for thinking way outside the box and making this an all around awesome upgrade to the Tucker legacy.
Tucker CF35.jpg

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