My Unpleasant Experience with IPOWERWEB!!

Up until last Aug my site was being hosted by ipowerweb for about $100 a year. Well last Aug my new web hosting company had my domain name transferred from ipowerweb to them, they did all the dirty work and I didn't have to do anything. I never thought anymore about it, until a few days ago I saw that ipowerweb charged my bank account $95.40 to renew my account for the upcoming year.

I got out my old paper work and saw I was paid up until Feb 4th of 2008 so they were obviously charging me for the year ahead. Well after being on hold for literally an hour I finally talked with someone. Apparently they don't consider having your domain transferred elsewhere and not using their services at all the same as cancelling. They said I had to call and "cancel" the account. So the lady said she would cancel it out for me and refund the money.

So all is good right? Wrong, I saw they only refunded my account $37.45 yesterday, so I called again. Once again on hold for an hour I was answered. Even though I haven't used their services since last fall and even though the $ they took from me was for the upcoming 12 months, I still hadn't "cancelled" in time before the renewal date so they are charging me a fee of $57.95 WTF!!! I got the whole "it's in our policy" BS. After arguing with an agent for awhile I asked for the manager. She said he was going to tell me the same thing but I didn't care! So she says hold on while I verify your account. Now I am literally on hold with them right now as I type. It's been 30 minutes now I've been waiting for a manager. I am sure they just want me to hang up.

This is a prime example of a company that is blinded to the fact that their customers are the only reason they exist. Their so called "policy" benefits them, not the customer. That $50.00 they stole from me is nothing compared to the business they will never get just from a few people reading this post, I hope it was worth it.

So if any of you are using them, and decide to go elsewhere, make damn sure you call these jerks and "cancel" your account at least 30 DAYS (according to policy) before your renewal date.

PS. I just talked to someone again, of course it wasn't a manager it was just some foreign guy that had no clue about anything, figures. Nice customer service ipowerweb! [moon]

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
Thats ashame for a company with a small time thinking manager,its nolonger word of month just hurting local.Now days the web hurts not only local but world wide,yes indeed your post will have its way shooting blackballs at ipowerweb.Even tho the web is fairly new many companys are growing in leaps while ours like ipowerweb hasn't seen past why kicking their customers butts doesn't work anymore.

And more than likely the reason why the manage would tell you the same thing,hehe you was already talking to it.

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