Need a New Computer!


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I came in to the office New Years eve to find that my roof developed a leak right above my computer.

I left a fan blowing air through it for about 30 hours, dried it out good but it seems to be history.

Trying to decide between a new 800 MHZ G4 iMac or ?

Any suggestions?:confused:



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I'm a pc guy through and through, and at first notion I'd like to say go with Intel and the Pentium 4 setup. But I realize that a MAC system could likely provide everything you need just as well. I'll bite my tongue and try to be impartial here, despite my lack of MAC enthusiasm.

Selecting a computer platform, (mac vs. pc) would be best done after you identify the specific tasks your workstation will be expected to perform. First, list your application requirements, such as word processing, email, database management, and so forth.

The hardest part is identifing the specific software to be used, because there are so many choices. It basically comes down to Microsoft against everyone else. If you are not in the Microsoft camp, then you might as well go MAC.

I like to spec out all the individual computer components individually, just like I do with designing a hot water skid.

For example, I like to start with an Intel mobo, and a Pentium 4 3GHz. Add in a Geforce 4 video card, SoundBlaster sound card, and a Plextor 48/24/48A CDRW drive.

Doesn't that sound just like spec'ing a Honda 24hp engine, a General TS2021 pump, a Winco generator, and a 120v burner?

I need more info to help you further. Call me on my cell phone if you want specific information.
If your budget is spent advertising then it is taking away from something. That something is usually quality and engineering.
Man are you for real on this statement. Do you advertise if so does it make the quality of your work less. I cant see how it would. Advertising is part of business. At my full time job we have went through many computers and Dell has been the best however you have to get the good ones by that I mean do not cut corners and buy something other than a Pentium 4 if you do you will have a slow computer that you have had nothing but problems out of and call it junk. My two cents worth.
My first computer was a Gateway 166. I purchased a Gateway because i knew nothing about computers and was told Gateway had the best after sale service. If that was the best service, I pity those who bought something else! To activate the warrnety, I had to call long-distance phone number. the number was disconnected! After getting the right phone number, the warrnety was activated. Everytime I needed help, it was at least a 30 minute wait for a real person, who talked so fast that I could not follow the instructions. I finally got a local person to come in and help w/ problems. That worked until I bought a new printer,fax,scanner,copier that did not work wiht the Gateway. My computer guy came over to make it work and I went out and did some service calls. I got back after 3/4 hours. In that time, Matt called Gateway, and with thier help, crashed my computer. Then the Gateway computer expert hung up on Matt. Matt said he fell on the floor and cried. Then Matt reloaded evrything on the computer, figured houw to make the printer work, and raided my refridgearot for a Black Butte Porter. After several Beers, he felt better. I talked to anoterh computer guy ( an authorized Gateway tech) who told me he often waited an hour for help. I do not have a Gateway now, and never will. My present CPU is a clone.

Douglas Hicks
General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
Parts is parts.
Have a local computer company build you exactly what you need. You don't need a name brand on a computer. Gateway, Dell, HP/Compaq they all do the same thing save the money, save the headaches go local, and then clean the computer builders storefront for him and save some more!
I like HP's also............I just bought my third HP laptop last week. I have not had a chance to transfer everything over, so I'm not using it yet, but so far I like what I see. Its a ze5185, Pentium 4, 512mb, 60 gig hard drive, DVD/CD-RW drive, 15' screen, and a floppy drive.

Never tried a Dell or a Gateway, but given a choice, I'd take the Dell every time.


Hi Mark,

Just couldn't resist! Have you fixed the Roof Leak?? :D

I was in Sam's last week and their biggest and badist is about $1800 with a 17" flat screen monitor. Of course it is a PC not a Mac.

Good luck on your computer shopping. I always leave it up to my wife (she's my computer expert).

Dave Olson
All our two cents worth aside if you go with a PC Microsoft based get the Pentium 4 dont try to save any money on a Celeron or other brand processor. The Pentium is well worth the extra bucks. I have never had a Mac so I do not have an opion on it except that alot of their programs will not be compatiable with a PC so if you trade alot of info with guys that have a PC from a Mac alot of times it will not show up I ran into that when I was having some contracts drawn up with my Sweeping end of my business. The girl that did the work had a Mac and I a PC everything she sent me I could not open had to be printed out and sent by snail mail and then re entered. Bummer I dont think anyone will argue about the Pentium being the industy leader. Good Luck with what ever you decide to buy. [hand]
Go for the Mac with Jaguar 10.2, you can't beat it for functionality, looks and everything else. I have had Macs since late 80's, I would never take on a PC with all of its problems with OS and bugs. Get something that won't crash! The new 17" plasma screens are great.


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Actually I have been leaning heavily towards another Mac, I have been a Mac user for years

Mac Plus, Mac SE, Mac SE 30, Mac Quadra, Mac Power PC, iMac 233, iMac 333, iMac 400DVD.

I am now looking at an eMac for my front office, and an iMac for my desk.

The reason for considering the PC is frequently I will run accross an application, program that is made for PC only, that and I have had some real speed issues when networking with my 2 computers in our accounting program.

It is my understanding that the NEW Mac OS 10.2 Jaguar will solve this problems.

Our usage is limited to: Running our Accounting and contact program (MYOB Account Edge Multiuser) and MS Word, MS Excel and internet usage.

My main issue is being able to network faster with the computer in front office (which is being used as a server for our MYOB program) presently (before computer got wet ) when I go to bring up a quote or old invoice etc. on my computer there is a delay of 3 - 50 seconds. I want it NOW!:D

The jury is still out on this one. :confused:

Well off to work now, we have a busy day ahead of us.


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I can find plenty of PC users who switched to Mac, but I am not hearing from anyone who switched from Mac to PC?
Originally posted by Flue Steam
Mike, your third? are you wearing them out or are they dying on you?
If they died on me, I wouldnt buy another. I work a PC to death..........running two monitors and as much as 20 different windows at the same I upgrade software just about every year to the newest version...........all of this gets pretty taxing on system resources, therefore I try to stay on top of the hardware.

Also, the old laptop now gets handed down to my wife and kid.......I just set up a wireless network so we can use both computers anywhere in the house.


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Originally posted by Flue Steam
Mike, your third? are you wearing them out or are they dying on you?
He uses them as EarRings, you know when he dresses up and goes out with the girls[bf]

Flue Steam,

That is exactly my problem, have had so many custom built they last a year if I am lucky, nope I disagee there, I am buying a Dell next.

Just gave away 3 that I have had built in the last two years and that does not count others I have had, in fact every computer we had since our first one in 1982 has been custom built.

DELL it is, [pirate] on HP and that other odd brand they now own.

(personal opinion which I am entitiled to and yes you can disagree)


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If I was to jump ship and join the PC world, would -2- Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ computers do the trick? One in front office for secretary one on my desk. They would need to be networked, so we can use our Accounting program.
(Presently MYOB Account Edge for Mac, which I believe we can convert to MYOB Version 12 for PC)

Then what about my printers, will they work with a PC? Epson 740 ink jet, and an HP 4MP laser printer.

I have not had time during the week to research much, and I may buy computers this weekend.

Hey what about these?:

These items are available at our local Fry's Electronics store.
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Yes, any of the P4 computers you have listed in links would do the trick.

However, I am not a fan of HP computers. I love their printers, and scanners, and all-in-ones, but not computers. Here's why.....

They are based on a proprietary, integrated motherboard, which means that all of the components are built into that motherboard. If an individual part fails, you could be stuck having to buy a very expensive replacement from HP. Sometimes you can buy the failed component as an external card, that can be inserted into the system to replace the failed part. Other times, that strategy does not work as expected.

Before a bunch of folks jump me regarding my position on this, please be aware that I spent the last 17 years working for EDS on a General Motors account. It would not be a stretch for me to say that I have deployed, repaired, upgraded, reloaded more computers than everybody combined on this bbs! Consider that I've supported factory/engineering sites with over 2000 work stations.

I base my decisions on what I have seen in the field, not just an opinion, or what my uncle said, or whatever.

I would whole heartedly recommend purchasing your computers from a mom & pop computer store. Most of those kind of stores build systems that are made from tried & true individual components, not mass manufactured systems that are built entirely with the idea of keeping costs low. Sure you will pay a few more bucks, but it is more than worth it to have service. And it is nice to be able to carry in a system and get prompt service, rather than have to box it up and ship it to who-knows-where.

Most all of the mail order pc companies have phone help desks that are staffed by individuals who use English as their second language. They can be very hard to communicate with.

You yourself know the value of service. That is why I would rather buy my power washing equipment from you, instead of the e-sp*c vendor.

I could go on and on about the pros and cons, but it would take too much time to type it all in here. You are more than welcome to call me if you have more questions.

And yes, your printers should work with no problem.


New computer,...Dells for less

I purchased a 1 year oldd Dell laptop, off lease, factory guarantee from Dell Financial Services last year, since then I have reccommended DFS to 2 close friends, and bith got 1 year old units for about 30% of new cost, factory warranty, etc.

DFS sells tthru EBAY, so figure out what you want, look at the archived sales to find out what the 'market' is on your pick, tthe bid. I got mine after studing what was out there, and DFS shipped via FedEX, and it was here the next day. They even they in a briefcase,charger, and modem cable.

Check them out.

Bates McLain

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