Need To Know Everything Regarding Post Construction Cleanup

Bryan C

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Targeting this work hard in the spring. What is the best way to get in the builders?

I would like to know everyone's experiences with this type of work. Feel free to call me if that is easier. Thanks for the help...


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I'm interested

I'm always interested to learn something new so sure tell me what you know cause i'm totally lost on this one

Hottt Blaster

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Who is the one interested in new const. clean up? If you would like more info Please feel free to email me at the address listed on here. thanx...

Bryan C

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Yeah, anything you can provide. Basically, pointers on how to land the work. I got the cleaning thing down...


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Here is a few easy steps

1) Just ask... Yes, most contractors already have guys doing their work for them. However, think of it this way. They all started just like you. You can go by the subdivisions, etc. and speak with the superintendant and Show off your nice rig and easy going personality etc. Listen to their comments, even if they have guys doing the work already they may not be happy with the quality of work provided, tired of no shows (they run on a tight schedule), high prices, etc. Sometimes if they like you they may start you out in the next new subdivision they begin. You can also go by the the office of the builder and ask for a package and attempt it like that. The package includes agreements, guidelines, w-9, safety manual, etc. Return it and provide your insurance certificate, workers comp, w-9, etc. They may just call and give you a job. It only takes one to get your foot in the door. There are alot out there that are not happy with the service they are getting.

2) If you are in a drought and guys are going out of business. Secure a water source from a friend, ask around, find and ask method (ponds, old quarrys, private lakes, etc.). If you can secure an alternate water source, your business will grow during a drought. If new houses are not clean, they won't sell that great. (Would you buy a new dirty car). Besides Cities and Towns do not have any control over private water, only their system. Secure the source and go ask, explain you can still clean when the city stops or enacts tough restrictions, because of lack of water.

Just these can make a difference and get you work.

A little about me, I started with a home made $100 trailer and cleaned a few houses a week. I secured one builder and grew with him. The 2002 drought hit. Other builders then took notice and approached me, I had secured a water source. Since then I have obtained more builders and scaled back on residential homes. I now have some of the largest private track builders in the area and others building homes up to a millon dollars. Just as I have began to reach my max (I only work two days one week and three days the next week) the current drought hits. Well, I have began to take on more work just as in 2002. I have spoken with other pressure washing company (store) employees and i am getting information that alot of guys that have been doing Pressure washing for years are quiting and getting other jobs. This will be leaving alot of builders as fair game. They were comfortable in saying that you will be able to name your price, that is, if you can made it in and through the drought stricken areas. So stay persistant, visit the builders, secure the water and jump on board.

One rule to remember, NEVER step on the toes of another washer, it willruin your business. Make your name by providing a great service. Its ok to offer to help if ones in a bind, trade jobs etc. Let the builders make the choice, don't try to push anyone out, it won't give you a good impression.

Maybe some of this will help you guys. Its all opinion and experience. Good Luck.
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Bravo!!!!! 1105, we need to talk :) I'm getting a group together in NC in the next couple of weeks and would love to have you join in. Can you give me a call or send me a number to contact you?


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