i am kind of nervous about going into this pressure washing buisness i have a severe case of the what ifs,did anyone else have this problem how did you overcome the fears and how did things turn out?how about the first job jitters?how do you handle rejection?thanks in advance

hey there what made you deside to go into the p/wer business??? let me tell you something up front .
if you are not nervous about going into this business you are not normal. anytime you take a risk and invest money it will do that to ya.also i have ben doing this now fer 6 years and im still learning. thats what makes this board nice . u got a Q then there is no better place to ask than here.
you do however know that if you base your life on
"WHAT IF " you will never get anything done.IF is a big word so i say to ya go fer it... and as far as rejection thats nothing you will get rejection i promise . but when you do dont use the (IF) thet dont work together. just present youself as well as you can .REMEMBER WITH OUT WISDOM YOU WILL LACK KNOWLEDGE
meaning get all you can from this board ,books .read-read-read . dont let me scare you by saying this but ;just because you have a pressure washer dont make you a contract cleaner. it's the same as ;just because you have a hammer dont make you a carpenter..
you need to learn from doing and asking QUESTIONS .
i hope i made some good input and i didnt make you shake your head . so in short i'll say this GO FER IT

have a great day and GOD bless!!!!!
We are all nervous when getting into this. That will fade as you get some jobs under your belt.

As for rejection......don't worry about it. Try, try again! Usually when you get turned down for a job, there is something else around the corner. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.......the only problem with that theory is the reason is not always clear at the time!

Best of luck to you, and stay close to this will be an invaluable tool to help you grow a successful p/w business. Don't hesitate to ask anything that comes to mind.

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA
thanks for the warm welcome you have given me.all comments i will take to heart,hey i feel better knowing that you guys went through the same thing and was able to overcome and kept on striving.i will keep you posted on how things turns out.

DAN S to answer your ? why i am going into pressure washing,i have a lovely little girl who has cerebal palsy and she is needing more and more attention as she is getting older and my wife works nights so to make a long story short i want my wife to be able to stay at home with her more and at same time be able to make ends meet or at least get close enough to wave at each other, so i will be doing pressure washing in the evenings or nights and weekends who knows maybe one day i could go full blown and i've always wanted my own buisness .

you will make it just aim high!!!!!!!!!!
give that lil girl of yours a big pennsylvania hug for me.

have a great day and GOD bless!!!!!
Keeping your family as part of your goals will help you strive for more. They really need you and they are lucky to have someone who wants to start his own business to help them out. Stick with it through thick and thin and your business will be rewarding to you and your family. Good Luck .

John May

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