New construction brick mortar and grout clean up help.


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Hello. I am new to the business and through word of mouth I landed a potential job with a pretty large construction company in my area. They recently restored an old high school. The lower section of the building is covered in what seems to be brick mortar. I read muratic acid and some scrubbing will do the trick but I can't seem to find it in my hardware stores. There's a chemical supplier not far from me and they have a product that may do the trick. Grout stain issues - Aldon Chemical for ceramic tile/stone/brick: care-cleaning-protection-maintenance-problem solving restoration. <---LINK

I have attached a few pics of the mess. Any help would be appreciated.



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Yea I would say Md80 would do it wonders. Or Prosoco 600, not as strong but works good when it isn't bad. I think it is a little cheapper.


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I picked up the Aldon Chemical today and I also got a surekleen product from a friend of mine. Both products just say scrub and scrape and rinse really well afterwards. Nothing about pressure washing. Do you think I will need to pressure wash or would I be fine with a garden hose and head? Im starting tomorrow. Hope it turns out well


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I think the 600 I was talking about is a Surekleen product.

You can probably get it with a garden hose but will be a lot faster with a Pressure washer I think.

I wish you good luck with your project!!

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