New member! Need help with getting contracts.

Hey guys

My name is jacky, iIstarted a small pressure washing business few mths ago. I actually started it last year w a credit card out of my spare bedroom and did alright. This year iIhave a full mobile trailer etc. You ll see me here and there on forums asking questions and picking your brains. I am having a serious hard time getting contracts this year. So any tips would help. I am advertising in small web sites ex. Kijijji etc, have stickers herhere'sand there, a few large signs some major road and small signs all over the city on telephone pole. I do not have a web site at the moment. Anyway. Wish me luck, the season is ending in late october and so far things are not looking up. Cheers !
It's 2012. You need a website. You need to spread out and diversify. You need some print advertising, some word of mouth, some referrals, some direct marketing, some internet marketing, some signs, some fliers, etc. You need a little of everything to get moving. No one thing is going to do it. You need to budget for advertising if you don't have all the work in the world to keep you busy.
Ive listened to your advice and upgarded a few things. Check out my web site. Its pretty basic for now but it ll do til I get my new one up. Also, Im trying to get more priority on google. Working on it.
Thank you Doug,

Ill stay active on your web site and will keep seeking your advice. Ill be posting results and updates on how my business is doing. If anybody need advice from me I am available at all time on your and my site. Ill keep picking everybodys brain as well. Cheers

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