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Doug Rucker

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Hello everyone. My name is Brian Schoenherr. I have a gutter cleaning and repair business in Rochester New York. I added power washing this spring at the request of some of my customers. The results of my first few jobs were lets just say less than spectacular. Thanks to reading these posts and getting the right equipment from Bob at PressureTek I am on my way to growing my business. Right now all my work is residential. I am looking forward to gain more knowledge and represent this profession to the best of my ability.

hey Brian, welcome to PWN, if there is anything we can help you with just ask away.


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Thanks Jason and Doug for the welcome. Winter will be in New York soon enough so i'll have time to think of some upgrades and improvements. I'm sure i'll have some questions. Thanks guys.


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Well I joined back in 2012 and got sucked into facebook along with some other projects. My name is George Clarke. I have a cleaning business in Nashville TN. I grew up here and have been washing since 2004. I am also Past President for the UAMCC and have been a member for many years and also was on the board for many years. So finally I have circled back to here because Ron has been promoting this site for a while and recently.


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Located out of the small town of Johnstown, PA I started my Detailing & Pressure Washing business about 3 years ago - since we have expanded to cover from State College to Pittsburgh doing a majority of only Pressure Washing. We have since closed on some large jobs such as the Pressure Washing of Pennsylvania College of Tech. I hope to expand some of my knowledge as well as learn some myself.

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