New Owner Of Power Wash Network


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I would like to take a moment and announce the new owner
of the Power Wash Network.

Effective July 29, 2015 Doug Rucker is the new owner of this forum.

Doug has been a faithful moderator on the PWN over the past few years, and has been fair with all members, I think Doug will do a GREAT job.

It is my belief that Doug will continue to improve the PWN forum for the good of the pressure washing industry.

As some of you may know on August 18, 2015 I sold my Sacramento area business "Easy Clean Systems" so I can spend more time focusing on my new business Easy Climate Solutions.

My online stores Power Wash Direct and Pressure Washer Zone are being taken over by family members new phone numbers to be announced.......

I want to thank all of my friends, and especially those whom have worked as a moderator on the PWN for the friendship, support, and helping out on the board.

Special thanks to Ron Musgraves for introducing me to the PWN forum over 20 years ago....

Thank you also to: Dan Flynn, Carlos, Doug, Larry (BigBoy) , Dan S., David Saulque, Mike Hughes, Jon, Beth, Alan Shack, Tony of Aplus, Jake Archambault, and more the list is too big to remember all, sorry for those I failed to mention thanks guys..........................

I am not retired, I have just changed hats. :)

Best Regards

Mark McIntyre
Easy Climate Solutions
855 627-4328 855 MCS-HEAT

Clean County

New Member
Since Doug bought this bulletin board I'll be heading off into the sunset from here as well. Its been fun uder your leadership Mark. Enjoy your "New Hat" :)


Moderator / Sponsor

That is your choice and I wish you the best.

FYI: Doug has chosen not to ban you despite your constantly stirring up SHI* !
(I told him he should weeks ago..)

Chill out and move on, life is too short for drama!

Clean County

New Member
I already been warned that Doug is going to ban me Mark like he has to my wife & I for life with the UAMCC. So I'm moving on now because your leaving. I can't support someone like him who does stuff like this.

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Not sure how you could be warned that as I never said that. If you do or say something I feel you should be banned for I will. Stay. Move on. Makes no difference to me. Just conduct yourself as a professional whatever you do.

Clean County

New Member
Your partner warned me on a FB pm to be careful with you Doug cause I may get banned. Another words I should expect unfair treatment like what you personally did to us concerning the lifetime ban you doled out on your own with the UAMCC org. So is that the game your going to play here now? My guess is most definitely so I'll probably just move on from here & leave my 15yr attachment from this board(since its inception) behind. No time for your games anymore because its just not worth mine or anyones time to deal with the unfair treatment that lays ahead with you.

Tony Evans

Doug is one of the most fair guys I've ever met. In fact there are times I think he allows too much leeway to clear troublemakers. But that's just Doug making sure those folks have been given plenty of rope to hang themselves.
Seeing that Mark already said he'd have tossed you John, I'd think you'd be on better behavior. Then again that's not the way you and those you associate with work. You attack, blame, then whine hoping to besmirch the good character of quality contractors because of petty jealousies.
I hope you do leave. This board (and quality boards elsewhere) are more beneficial without your kind.

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