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I'm pretty excited, I ordered a new hot water rig from Mark at Easy Clean. Here are the specs: It's an All American, 20hp Honda, general pump, 115 volt generator, 18 gallon fuel tanks, and adjustable thermostat. It's 5gpm @3500.

It should flat out kick some butt. Anybody thinking about a new rig or any accessories for that matter should consider giving Mark a call. He was extremely knowledgable, friendly, and he gave me a great price!

I'll post more after I get the machine and report on how well it kicks butt.
congratulations on your new machine,i dont know what size machine you had before but i just went from a 4gpm to a 5gpm
with 5.5 tips and that extra gpm wears my ass out,its like holding a fire hose all day.
Great, Tony! I'm sure you'll love it.

But, you won't be as happy as I trailer/2 washers are paid off next month...........mine......all mine! :)


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Tony you will love that unit, and those 18 gallon tanks, seldom need worry about running out anymore.

Mike, rumor has it your wife wants a new car and bigger house now that your units are about to be paid in full..

Congrads to both of you guys..


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No payments on my stuff, paid in full! Since I do this part time, I don't always take all my profits out, I leave some in every year for capital investments....I'd say a tandem enclosed trailer and new rig qualifies as such, hey?

Anyway, glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Hey Tony,
Hows the blue wand working out? I'm sure it fits right in with the rest of your equipment.

When you complete your second rig setup post it if you can. It sounds like you bought an awesome PW from Mark. Where are you going to put that PW?

I just changed my set up where I put my Landa Hot water PW Inside my Enclosed trailer and I vented it out. I also have another PW in this trailer that can be rolled out to the job site if needed or can be used at the trailer. I'm just about done with mounting new hose reels in this trailer. Saturday and Sunday I plan on finishing up my Van with 2 other powerwashers in it also where one is vented out and the other one can be used to roll it out and bring it to the job site if needed.

In a couple of weeks I will post before an after pictures of my new set up. Between just getting and doing a nice size ongoing commercial account, working at my "Other Job", setting up these rigs,Finishing up on my website, and spending time with my family once again it feels like the days are to short.

I love this time of year. :D :D


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I haven't used the blue wand yet, but I'm sure that it is going to work fine. I like the threaded twist locks on the extensions better than the goofy cam locks that are on the yellow wands. I also like the feel of the gun better than the yellow version.

At some point I'll probably get an extenda wand or a coress, but now was not the time to buy the Cadillac of wands.

My first rig is a 5x8 enclosed with two cold water units, which are rolled around as needed. The new rig is a 6x12 enclosed tandem axle, with all the options. I got a really good deal on the trailer, to go along with the new hw rig. It will also have a roll around cold water unit. I ordered a 330 gallon tank, and am getting ready to order a steel eagle.

I incorporated every trick that I've found at these bbs. I will post pix when the setup is finished.
Originally posted by Jon
Mike, rumor has it your wife wants a new car and bigger house now that your units are about to be paid in full..

I bought her a new car last far as the new house goes, she'll have to wait :)


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I am sure your going to be pleased with your new rig,
have you picked up a battery yet?

Here is a picture of a rig similar to Tony's new rig, however this
one is pictured on the trailer with a 16 HP Vanguard engine.

Tony's rig uses the 20 HP Honda, and will be going in to his own trailer.

Thanks again Tony for your business, remember I am only a phone call away!





I'm looking for some new equipment. Mark, can you give me some of your time? Thanks Mark Williamson.
Congratulations guys!

I just recently got a RK-21 from Rick at Pro Wash.
It works like a charm. I hardly ever use my brand new tuff
hot box I traded my small Shark for.

The 5 gpm makes a big difference. I finally made it in the Yellow Pages and started getting calls immediately as soon as the new phone book came out in February.
If things keep hopping like it has, I'm going to have to hire some help just to keep from becoming overwhelmed.

I can say it's a lot better wondering if I can keep up rather than worrying if the phone is going to ring.

"May we all be real busy for many years to come."

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Richard R
Way to go Richard.
I remember last year or the year before you seemed to have your doubts. Now you are starting to grow with your business to the point of considering on possibly hiring help in the near future.

Its like Jimmy V. (Jim Valvano ex coach N.Carolina State basket ball team) said when He was dying with cancer"Never give up, Never ever give up"). True words of wisdom. Congrats on hanging in there.


New machinery and HORSE POWER ( oooooh)

The best feeling in the world NEW EQUIPMENT.

We have bought a iron-horse last year that produces a 10gpm at 3000psi with a 25 h.p. kolher. Its the Duel-Man unit , when two guys can wash at the same time we each get 5 gpms at 3000psi. I always hated the fact one guy is always watching the other guy wash. We done it for years, and now we get done 40% quicker. We rarely use the machine at its 10gpm, but when you need it you got it.

Tony Szabo
Midwest Mobile Washers

Tony Szabo,
I was just wondering, on your PW when 2 guys are powerwashing at the same time you are each getting 5 gpm. When one guy stops does the PW then put out 10gpm on the other guy still powerwashing? Or is it 2 seperate pumps that each putout 5gpm when both in use and if that is the case what happens once again if only one guy is using the PW?

I think I know the machine you have which comes from xxxxxxxxxx I do believe. If it is its a cool looking PW. I don't remember but is it Belt drive? I hope so considering the gpm it can produce and the pump(s?) that it uses..


John T.

The allison iron horse does have only one pump. Before buying I did alot of research about the iron horse. They have been building washers for years and do alot of R & D into their units. It seemed to myself they are very updated techonolgy. The one pump is from Ility called the UDOR, I know , a what pump? But the heavy duty Bronze connecting rods and solid steel crank makes this pump weight a ton. I have always been told the heaver the pump the better it may be.
There is only a 200psi difference when the other guy releases his gun, you do notice a slight kick. The rest dumps back into the holding tank.
I'm a firm beliver of belt driven units, but this one is not. The unit does have a transmission and dual bearings with a gear reducer to give more life.

I did alot of leg work to find duel-man units and john allison seem to have almost all of the awnsers. Landa was going to custom build me a duel-man, but they also wanted five figures ( between $ 9,000 to $ 12,000) . We paid about $6,500 and got one extra pump
4 unloaders
pump rebuild kit
400' of hose
2 quick reels
But I would not buy unless I got those items in the deal , because I was a little unsure about the pump and unloaders. Its been a year and everything is great except O-ring and the maintance, but expected.

Midwest Mobile Washers
Tony Szabo

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