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Hey everyone,

I just noticed wolman's has a new deckstrip for acrylic & latex finishes. Has anyone tried it yet? How were the results. did it require sanding or cause fuzzies?

Thanks again,
We have just received our first shipment of Deckstrip AL. I will inform all of you what the results will be and post it on the board. We are using the product tomorrow on a deck and will be taking pictures, making notes on total coverage, etc. The Wolman Rep lives in town and he will also be on the job site.
I used it yesterday on a deck that had Wolman Extreme on it. I was not impresed at all! I finally got it to work somewhat by applying it at about 40 sq. ft. a gallon! I still had to scrub the dickens out of it and washed it with 1600 psi at about 2 inches off of the deck. I was on the phone with my Wolman Rep many times throughout the process asking for any suggestions. We tried everything. For the money it costs, I will try something else next time. I used 8 gallons on about 500 sq. ft. and took 6 hrs to do it. Just my experience with it, maybe someone else has better luck? Anyway, chaulk it up as a lesson...
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I used the new stripper twice on saturday. I stripped a deck that had the extreme and another that had a acrylic paint applied to it. It worked good. Remember not to prewet the deck with water(instructions). Water must thin it down. We applied it to dry decks and then powerwashed. One application on both decks. It is a little expensive, but my store always gives me a good price. I always tell them if they want my business then I expect a good price and they always seem to come through. Tom

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