No fuel flow to burner

I have a Karcher HDS 3205 BE. The heater has been idle for 6 months. I am not getting diesel to the nozzle. I have tested with water pressure, have fuel in the tank and the thermostat maxed. There is a pressure switch that assures that water is present in order to avoid heater problems. I am at a loss as to determine how the pressure switch works as there are no electrically controlled valves that I can see. Any ideas? Karcher doesn't list my machine in their list of owner manuals. How can I get one? Any help offered is appreciated! [wsmile]
it could be your pressure switch, this is activated when your using your gun. It could also be your fuel filter or the fuel pump for the burner.

There might be other possibilities but I'd check these first.


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I believe you will find a fuel solenoid if you keep looking.

Try a Yahoo search for <i>Karcher HDS 3205</i>
you should find some one who can get you a manual.
Did a google search and got a hit. Printed me a parts explosion from a PDF file. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes there is a fuel solenoid right at the pump.
I have the same problem but now I have no spark as well.
I have checked the volts running to the vacuum pressure switch and the thermostat and I'm getting 55v.
I have an aaladin 1000psi 120v unit.


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I think this is the thermostat you need:

Alkota # F04-00818
Adjustable Temperature Control
♦ 10 Amps, 120V
♦ 5 Amps, 240V
♦ 1/2" F x F
♦Temperature range:
50-300° F
♦Approx. F° per full turn
of adj. screw: 250
♦Contact operation on
temp. rise - open
♦Stop collar prevents turning
adj. screw in excess of
the thermoswitch controller
high temperature limit.
♦Designed for bottom or
side mounting
♦Leads: 60", 14 Gauge


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