NO GUTTERS ON HOUSE! should I attempt the roof?

Ron Musgraves

Staff member
Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

Unfortunately, Chlorine is harmful at BOTH ends of the PH scale.
So, if you take a MILD acid link vinegar{acetic acid}, you will slightly LOWER the PH of the chlorine run off.
This can burn plants too.
There are TWO killing mechanisms in chlorine run off.'
The powerful oxidizer in the forms of both the hypochlorite Ion, and the hyperchlorous acid formed when chlorine contacts Organic Matter.

Then, there is the SALT, or the SODIUM that can NOT be "neutralized" any practical way BUT by dilution.

The best way to clean a roof is to first pre wet all plants and building surfaces, and Grass IS a plant too.
Then, as you clean the roof, your GROUNDMAN follows you around the house, keeping run off on the plants promptly diluted.
You cant just wet the plants, spray the roof, and get down and water.
You CAN tarp the plants, just be careful for run off splashing on the walls, and out in the grass as it hits the tarps.
OR, you can simply take a garden hose WITH you on the roof, and water from up top.
We feel a groundman is the best option, and safer too.

These are roofs cleaned in tampa were done with Apple Sauce, w/o using any pressure.
Great Tip !!!!!!

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