Nozzle maintenance / Pressure Washers

Scott Stone

New Member
IMG_0711.jpgIMG_0711.jpgHere is a picture of tips. If you notice, the tip on the far left is brand new. As you go down the line, the openings get bigger and bigger. When the openings get bigger, that means that you are going to start losing pressure. The volume of water remains the same But it is the difference of pushing the same amount of water through a 1/2" pipe and a 2" pipe. It does not take a lot of brain juice to figure out that there will be more pressure and back pressure going through the smaller opening. Since we all like the pressure, we all like the smaller opening.
The idea is that you need to replace your nozzles regularly. Most nozzle manufacturers say that nozzles should be replaced every 40 hours. I think that is a good basis. A better one is that every time you change the oil in the motor of your machine, take a half second and replace the nozzles. That should be about 50 hours.

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